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SilenceDeadly said:
mk7sx said:

With 2020 settling at around 28.2M (I think a few regions will pop once we get Nintendo official data, so still chance at above 28.5M), I think there is room for growth in 2021. US/Europe IMO can go 5-10% higher than figures achieved this year (better software slate / revised model / better and more consistent inventory / better pricing during holidays). "Other" regions has even more room than that. Japan best case IMO is flat, more realistically 10-15% down -- its hard to match the impact of a title that cruised to #1 all time in the market in just a few months.

30M dream is still alive.

Covid bumped hw dramatically last year, most likely Switch will be down massively due to 2020 insane performance. Above 20M is locked. 

Well, covid is still around. And we clearly saw covid wasn't the only thing driving the Switch but also Animal Crossing. Once people start travelling and going out, Switch is also a portable system. So nothing says they won't be willing to invest in it. I don't think it can grow in the US, France and Japan. But i do think some other markets in the world like Europe, Australia, Spain, Brazil, China can still grow a lot. So i think 2021 has a good chance at remaining flat or at least not decreasing by much.