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And Gamecube's 2005-2006. Nintendo Gamecube, and Wii both had anemic final years in terms of 1st party content. Wii U's 2015 was good, but the Wii U's life cycle was obviously cut short. Besides, it's 2016 was abysmal with only Fire Emblem x SMT interesting me. I know Nintendo merged handheld and console departments, but it's becoming apparent to me that, that won't help as much as I once thought it would. I don't think Nintendo can keep up with the pace of modern game development anymore. Many series went from 3DS to Switch. 3DS games were a lot easier to make than full Switch games. So the rate of games being launched for former 3DS series should naturally be slower on Switch, than it was on 3DS. This lessens the impact of combining both handheld franchises and console franchises onto a single system. It seems to me that Nintendo has this bad habit of abandoning it's hardware in the later years in order to either give 3rd party developers a chance to sell games, or to work on games for their next console. I get the feeling that they are going to give us a really weak selection of 1st party games for 2021, 2022, and 2023, followed by the launch of Switch 2 in Spring 2023. I'm talking about 1 to 2 big releases a year. Normally, I wouldn't be so pessimistic, but Coronavirus has really thrown a wrench into Nintendo's plans. Nintendo can't adapt to Coronavirus for the same reasons their online sucks. They should be able to adapt to a work from home environment, just like we should be able to talk online without the need for a dumb phone app. But Nintendo wants to be Nintendo and do things their way. Doing things their way is the source of what makes their games so great, but it's also the source of a lot of their incompetence. So Coronavirus plagues the world, and all gaming companies slow their development down. Slowdown during this time of crisis is to be expected. I'm not angry about that. Nintendo's game development however slows down significantly more than other game companies' game development. At least that's what I suspect is going on at Nintendo's offices. I wouldn't be surprised at to discover all game development has ground to a complete halt over at Nintendo right now.

I've been a longtime fan of Nintendo, but for years now I've played this game of false hope. Wii U was cut short, and 2016 was terrible for 1st party content on it. Gamecube was anemic with 1st party content 2005-2006. Wii was anemic with 1st party content 2011-2012. That's 3 consoles where Nintendo didn't commit to their product in the final years.

But then again, perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps Nintendo will pull through with great and frequent 1st party releases for these years. Remember, the title of the thread is "I'm beginning to think", not "I know".

Anyway, how do you guys' think Nintendo's 1st party content for 2021-2023 will go? Draw me a roadmap. Here's my pessimistic as all hell roadmap...

Spring 2021: 3DWorld + Poke'mon Snap. Snap doesn't get very good reviews.

Winter 2021: We're very sorry, but BotW2 is delayed. Here's another Poke'mon game missing half the roster.

Spring 2022: BotW2 finally launches. Nothing else of note launches.

Winter 2022: Bayo 3 limps across the finish line. (Yeah, I know it's 2nd party. I don't think Nintendo will have anything else for that time period.)

Spring 2023: Metroid Prime 4 is a Switch/Switch 2 dual release. Like how BotW was on both Wii U and Switch.

P.S. Odyssey 2 doesn't exist. It's just the fever dream of Nintendo fans.

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 14 January 2021