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COKTOE said:
VAMatt said:

There are essentially zero reports of hospitals rationing care, even in southern CA.  So, theoretically at least, the health care system is still providing normal care for everyone.

"As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm California hospitals, Los Angeles County officials are trying to ration medical supplies and hospital space.

The Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency issued two memos Monday instructing emergency responders to limit the use of supplemental oxygen and not transport patients who cannot be revived in the field.

Same story more or less:

It seems like a bad time to have a medical emergency in LA.

I only heard about this in passing a few days ago at my mother's place when she had the news on. Is what I heard there, as well as the information in these stories inaccurate?

Not sure.  I just heard an interview with the administrator of a very large hospital system in California last week, saying that there has been no rationing of care at this point.  I wasn't paying that much attention, as it was just an interview that came on Bloomberg news radio when I was driving. But, I'm nearly certain that's was said. My brother lives in that area, so my ears generally perk up when I hear news related to that region.

Previous to that, a few weeks ago, one of my employees wives was moved to a hospital a couple of hours from his home because of a lack of ICU beds here locally. So, I did a little bit of googling to determine how bad the hospital overcrowding situation is. What I turned up at that time said that there was not a significant problem.

Anyway, I haven't done any scientific research. I'm just relying on anecdotal reports as well.