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Darc Requiem said:
Azzanation said:

It doesn't matter because future next gen games don't run on XB1X, they wont be compatible unlike the with the Series S which is the entire point of the discussion.

Also Series S uses GDDR6, XB1X uses GDDR5.

Which is inconsequential. Memory bandwidth is determined by the speed of the memory and the bus width. The Series S only has a 128 bit memory bus. The One X has 384 bit memory bus. The GDDR6 has a serious handicap due to the narrow bus. It's literally the same memory as the Series X but the Series X has a 320 bit bus on 10 of the 16GB of memory it has which results in a 560GB/s memory bandwidth. The other 6GB of the Series X memory only has 336GB/s memory bandwidth because it's stuck on a 192 bit bus. 

That's cool and all, but its rather a useless stat if the console is incompatible with next gen games. The X with all its power is not next gen compatible, where as the Series S is. I understand the X has its advantages on paper but in reality its limited when it comes to the newer games.