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Azzanation said:
Darc Requiem said:

Someone needs to look at Series S specs. It's inferior to the Xbox One X in some regards. The One X has 12GB of RAM and 326GB/s memory bandwidth. The Series S has 10GB of RAM and 224GB/s memory bandwith. It's not across the board superior in everyway like the Series X.

It doesn't matter because future next gen games don't run on XB1X, they wont be compatible unlike the with the Series S which is the entire point of the discussion.

Also Series S uses GDDR6, XB1X uses GDDR5.

Which is inconsequential. Memory bandwidth is determined by the speed of the memory and the bus width. The Series S only has a 128 bit memory bus. The One X has 384 bit memory bus. The GDDR6 has a serious handicap due to the narrow bus. It's literally the same memory as the Series X but the Series X has a 320 bit bus on 10 of the 16GB of memory it has which results in a 560GB/s memory bandwidth. The other 6GB of the Series X memory only has 336GB/s memory bandwidth because it's stuck on a 192 bit bus.