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I'm on Act 3 of Gears 5 now. Gotta say, game seems pretty amazing so far. Graphically it's just gorgeous. Maybe the best looking game I have ever played. I know Hivebusters looks even better. I know a lot of people hated it, but I enjoy the skiff sections. Apparently people hate the idea of Gears not being completely linear, idk why. I am digging the extra layers of depth and strategy in the combat thanks to Jack.

Story wise, it's been hit or miss. I am digging the revelations about the Locust history and Kait's connection to it. Not really understanding how Reyna and Myrra are resurrected and Myrra is possessing Reyna? Maybe it is explained further in the game. Also it's cool that they wanted to elevate Kait as the main character but it seems they are basically discarding JD. Still, a great game so far.