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SilenceDeadly said:

No reason to believe Sony Ps5 Stock will improve drastically, there is clearly problems at the shipping line at this point, 2021 it is going to be another terrible year for Ps5 stock wise.

Switch will definetely take 2021 it is not even a context.

Ps5 will take the lead 2022 onwards with very very ease but 2021 it is Switch kicking ass in the Top Spot. 

Why would the PS5 take the lead "with very very ease" from 2022? The Switch is selling faster than any Sony console ever did, why would it be easy for the PS5 to outsell the Switch? From your posting history it's clear you are very confident in the PS5's success, but flat out predicting it will easily topple Switch level sales is basically saying the PS5 will no doubt become the best selling console of all time, no uncertainty at all.