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DonFerrari said:
Azzanation said:

So many wrongs with your post and clearly in a defending (Said platform) mood. 

First off, you go into MS articles all the time to purposely downplay them, just look every time Phil and Aaron post something. Please link me where i am downplaying PS in this thread? I am simply stating to another user that its a bad decision (IF) Sony went with his idea of stat comparing a last gen system to a next gen system. My comparison makes perfect sense and you have not given any legit reason as to why is doesn't make any sense outside of "It doesn't make any sense" You are tricking the customers with numbers thinking if it has higher numbers than its more powerful meaning it can play next gen games just like what the Series S is doing, except the PRO cant. Do you see the point?

I don't have to care to post my opinion Don. Notice how you are bringing up other topics in this thread, i see your sneaky twisting and twirling methods quite clearly.

You are comparing fidelity to incompatible. I don't have neither a Series S/X or PS5, i am not interested in the next gen consoles but i will say that the PRO and the X are not next gen systems no matter how many TF they have.

Now lets ask a simple question. If the Series S is not a next gen system, than why would MS bother making the Series S when they could have simply used the X which has more TF and Bandwidth and Storage and its already out into the wild?

How am I defending a platform? The same way I asked you to show where I said Series S isn't gen 9 and you weren't able to provide it I'll ask you to show where I defended a platform.

I downplay the PR BS Phil and Aaron spout, and they are frequent. I have praised Series X BC capabilities, auto enhancement, auto HDR, etc. By guess that got over your head.

No you didn't say it was a bad idea you said it was misleading which isn't the same. And no your comparison won't make sense no matter how many times you repeat it. You comparison to be the same said company would have to just say the specs of Buick versus Porsche and that is it, when they directly say their car is faster because of the size of the engine that makes the comparison different because in the hypothetical scenario that started the discussion Sony wouldn't say anything about being next gen ready or even stronger than Series S, it would just list the specs that it had higher than Series S (as meaningless as anyone can think that is). Have no idea on your difficult to understand this simple point. Possibly you mixing concepts. If we go at your cars comparison again, let's say that buick due to the bigger engine say their car is stronger (and it also have higher HP) they also didn't mislead anyone, but again if they say their car is faster then that can be a lie (but not necessarily, perhaps it could do 0-60mph faster or have higher maximum speed, both could be used to mean faster, while on track Porsche would win a race because of cornering capability not because of acceleration or maximum speed... but will leave this out since you are having a hard time even on simpler concepts).

If you don't care about something but post negative stuff on topic then there is a specific name for it and you know you have already received several warnings for this behavior.

No I'm not comparing fidelity to compatibility. I'm comparing real misleading marketing against hypothetical non-misleading marketing and why you are harsher on one and apologetical for another. And doesn't mater you say you don't care about next gen consoles (even though you are again discussing it), it does mater that you defend MS all the time while pretending to have no Bias.

I can answer your last question with another one, then why did MS said they don't go after generations anymore, or making people buy HW but still make generational consoles with names that confuse customers?

You purposely downplay articles that don't concern you. I am simply stating that number comparisons is a bad decision if they do it, and i replied to someone that isn't you in this thread.

Its also misleading because why even compare the numbers? Clearly trying to convince people to buy in, just like my car comparison, the PS4 PRO is old hardware, it has a decent engine but compared to a new machine like the Series S, all the numbers would be doing is mislead customers into thinking "Hmm 4.2 Teraflops is more than 4 Teraflops, that console must be more powerful, ill buy that one" and in reality, that console will be bricked in a year with new games. Hence why i disagreed with the idea.

Microsoft still go buy generations

Phil Spencer confident about future Xbox generations (

The term generations means different things. A 9th gen console can play 9th gen games, a 8th gen console cannot. This is why comparing the PRO and XSS is pointless because its like bragging a car has a bigger engine (Teraflops/Horsepower) and gets destroyed in a race against a new car with less (Teraflops/Horsepower) My exact point.

I am posting my opinion on someones idea, this is not an attack on your beloved Sony. If you don't agree with my opinion, Get over it. You are the one that intruded my conversation with someone else.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 08 January 2021