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DonFerrari said:

There have been many Aaron Greenburg articles, but most possibly I was, and discussing the subject. But you have plenty times said you don't care about Playstation, metrics, exclusives, etc but have been giving your "to balance the narrative" remarks.

Have I defended making the add? Nope, I was pointing that your comparison was very bad and that you was ok with a direct mislead on MS claims while against Sony only giving specs. And let's be real Sony doesn't need to do much to have Playstation selling over Xboox. TF means so little and MS also was very focused on promoting it on X1X and Series X right? Besides confusing names to confuse customers.

Have I said it is the same thing to run with less fidelity and not running? Guess not. But you have a very hard time admiting MS said one thing and isn't delivering and making a lot of excuses for it.

You don't even are about unit sales at all since MS started to lose on that field, to the point you had tried to convince us that isn't important and that MS had more gold subs than Sony had PS+ because you wrongly believed in misleading PR from MS that talked about all subs and compared to Sony, but soon after was of course prove wrong when Sony put out their MAU and was a lot higher than MS even though MS was braging about highest ever.

Way to close your argument saying you don't have a Xbox bias, everyone will certainly believe it.

So many wrongs with your post and clearly in a defending (Said platform) mood. 

First off, you go into MS articles all the time to purposely downplay them, just look every time Phil and Aaron post something. Please link me where i am downplaying PS in this thread? I am simply stating to another user that its a bad decision (IF) Sony went with his idea of stat comparing a last gen system to a next gen system. My comparison makes perfect sense and you have not given any legit reason as to why is doesn't make any sense outside of "It doesn't make any sense" You are tricking the customers with numbers thinking if it has higher numbers than its more powerful meaning it can play next gen games just like what the Series S is doing, except the PRO cant. Do you see the point?

I don't have to care to post my opinion Don. Notice how you are bringing up other topics in this thread, i see your sneaky twisting and twirling methods quite clearly.

You are comparing fidelity to incompatible. I don't have neither a Series S/X or PS5, i am not interested in the next gen consoles but i will say that the PRO and the X are not next gen systems no matter how many TF they have.

Now lets ask a simple question. If the Series S is not a next gen system, than why would MS bother making the Series S when they could have simply used the X which has more TF and Bandwidth and Storage and its already out into the wild?

Last edited by Azzanation - on 08 January 2021