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trunkswd said:
curl-6 said:

Smell ya later 3DS, or rather never.

Ah, the good old days when so many proclaimed the lifetime sales of the two systems would be on par. So much for that.

This year will be PSP, GBA, 360, and PS3 surpassed for sure, possibly even PS1 and Wii.

Crazy to think that the DS and PS2 are even possible now. It all depends on how long Nintendo supports the system. With the rumored 4K mid-gen upgrade possibly coming out this year, I don't see a Switch successor until spring 2024 or later. 

Release dates:

3ds Regular - March 2011, New 3ds - Late 2014 (3ds regular came out about 2 years after DSi).

Ds Regular - November 2004, DSi - April 2009 (DS Regular came out 1.67 years after GBA SP).

GBA - March 2001, GBA SP - February 2003

I'd say based on this (their home consoles don't have a history of more powerful/efficient versions like their handhelds), it's safe to predict Switch 2 would come out 1.67-2 years after Switch Pro. If the Pro comes this year, then Switch 2 should come no later than 2023 unless they buck their pattern.