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DonFerrari said:

MS said the games on Series S would work as on Series X but with 1/3 of the framerate. On the first wave that have been far from true. But you will deviate from calling that misleading and pretend it is just optimization. Not that you haven't blamed optimization and tools for the Series X not outperforming PS5 by a lot as you were expecting before right?

So you did know that the CPU, RAM, SSD etc were weaker than Series X but occasionally forgot to mention them? But Sony would be misleading with only putting the specs of PS4Pro even if they don't say it is gen 9?

You know that there are games that Series S doesn't even have the RTX enabled? That the BC games on Series S doesn't run the X1X version even if it is stronger in all aspects as you claim?

It all depends on optimization, i have mentioned this many times when a game doesn't run well. No idea what you are on about. And what does MS have to do with this conversation? This is about trying to place a last gen system to a new next gen system.

Yes the CPU, RAM are less than the Series X, does it need to be on par with the Series X to be next gen? And what does the size of the SSD have to do with the topic? Did you know the CPU and RAM are ahead of last gen systems? As well as having a SSD NVMe where as the last gen systems don't.

Comparing stats between the Series S/X and PS5 is different than comparing stats from a last gen system to a next gen system because they are very different systems. It would be rather stupid to compare PRO to Series S because all it does is trick consumers in thinking one is more powerful, no matter how clever you word it. Like i said with my car comparison.

Halo Infinite didn't have Ray Tracing either which was suppose to be on a PC comparable to the Series X. Means nothing. The Series S also has games that use RTX.

Did you ignore the part where i said that software is just as important as the hardware inside the machine, or did you choose to ignore that part?

You also still choose to ignore the question which i have asked many times now, do you not think the Series S is a next gen system? 

Last edited by Azzanation - on 07 January 2021