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DonFerrari said:
Azzanation said:

If they compare numbers to a next gen system than they are basically telling the consumer "Hey buy the PS4 PRO, its as powerful as the Series S" when its not, and is not even comparable in actual performance.

Are you saying the Series S is not a next gen system Don?

I knew you would just ignore everything that wasn't what you want. So does the titles run equal on Series S and X but with 1/3 of the resolution as MS have said?

Don, what does that have to do with the Series S being a next gen system? Talk about me ignoring the question when you aren't even on the same topic. Game optimization has nothing to do with weather or not a system is considered next gen. 

The Series S is a Series X with a weaker GPU and no Disk drive. Everything else is identical. 

From what i am gathering from this convo, is you think the Series S is not next gen, am i right?