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EricHiggin said:
Azzanation said:

Eric thats a horrible idea and a huge way to slap your customers in the face.

For example, the Series S is in another playing field when it comes to its preformance in all aspects. So comparing numbers which literally mean nothing only to lose out in the long term is not a good look.

Imagine you are one of the kids that saw an Add advertising the Pros specs with the XSS, and you convince your parants to buy one for you due to its price, only finding out in 1 years time, none of the next gen games work on the Pro while the XSS will be playing all next gen games for the next 5 to 10 years. 

You want that to happen to the customers just so Sony can sell more old units?

Is it really though? I mean, is XBSS truly next gen compared to XB1X and XBSX?

If you compare Pro to XB1X, Pro was way overpriced, yet nobody really seemed to care.

I also clearly stated that, "You wouldn't market Pro as next gen, but you would market the SNY brand and specs against XBSS."

As long as they weren't tricking people into thinking it'll be fully next gen capable machine by marketing it that way, then what's the problem? It's similar specs at a similar if not lesser price for a gaming console. Doesn't that exist already?

But you would be tricking people into thinking its next gen by showing the numbers which does not determine a next gen machine. 

Its like comparing a Buick Regal 4.9lt V8 to a 2000 Porsche 911 3.4lt 6 and saying the Regal is faster because of the bigger engine. That type of marketing is only meant to trick people. The Buick wouldn't even finish the race.

The difference is, one is a next gen capable machine while the PS4/XB1 machines are not. Very soon none of the games will be compatible with the Pro and X. 

I tried downloading The Medium on my XB1-X and it says "Incapable Hardware" can only be played on a Series S/X and PC.

You are right in one way, you will generate sales because of the method of tricking customers into believe one is better value and performance however when the time comes, all those customers are going to be quite upset realizing their new machine cannot play new games while the Series S will be playing next gen games with Ray Tracing and with better CPU performance and load times etc.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 07 January 2021