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Mandalore76 said:
SuperRetroTurbo said:

If anyone wants to do level 4 level let's go. In other words, make a level, I beat it, then vice-versa. I have a new one that's very challenging and equally satisfying.

I'm always down for playing other creator's courses.  I see that no one has beaten your "Thwomerang" course yet.  I'll have to give that a try.  I cleared two of your other courses a while back, but I just noticed that one of the ones I wasn't able to beat, "Mission Improbable", has never been cleared in 1,085 attempts by 138 players.  Someone needs to tweet that course ID to #RYUSMM !

Dave? I think that's his name, another streamer did a video of how players were attempting to clear any unbeaten levels from the original, to usher in part 2. I think that might happen with, "Mission Improbable," in case Ryu or GPB etc., get a chance to play it before that. But yeah, I noticed how you beat a few of mine. I never responded because I've been real busy but now that I have plenty of free time, I want to bring this thread back. I also want to create with someone. "Thowmerang," is all about wall-riding the thwomps and quick reactions. I would love to see someone beat it.

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