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Special Note - The 2nd course that I had mentioned temporarily deleting, "7 Labors of Hercules", has been updated and reuploaded.  I redesigned the City Wall Tower at the end of the course which has a Locked Door necessary to pass through to reach the Flagpole and complete the course.  In the original upload, I foolishly used bricks down the center of the Tower which crafty players easily exploited to break through to the flagpole without completing the Red Coin challenges to create the required Key.  

7 Labors of Hercules

Course ID: L0M-X25-GWG

Description:   The Golden Apples of the Hesperides (Red Coins) have been scattered across ancient Greece.  King Eurystheus tasks Hercules to reacquire the apples in order to gain entry to the city of Mycenae and continue on his legendary journeys.  7 Golden Apples were stolen, and so 7 "Labors" must be completed to regain them. 

*This course was taken down to remove an exploit that allowed the player to break through the City Gate Tower at the end of the course to reach the Flagpole without completing all of the courses challenges required to create the intended Key for the locked door.  Course ID and Stats have been updated to the reuploaded version.

Likes: 3

Played By: 8

Clears: 1

Attempts: 37

Clear Rate: 2.70%

First Clear:  Se7h

World Record: 17:26.134 (Se7h)

Uploaded: 1/2/2021