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Yeah I did the RAAM's Shadow DLC earlier in the play through. It was good. His powers were fun to use.

Finished Gears 4.

Maybe my favorite one of them all. Varied gameplay, incredible graphics, unique enemies. The story was not that strong, it seems it is just building up for Gears 5. Also I wish it let you use the badass new weapons more in the game. There are like two spots where you can use the new sniper or Overkill weapon on Locust. I love how they modernized the cover and movement systems. Also it's easily the most brutal Gears I have played. There were a couple times where a Locust ran up opposite of me in cover and I was expecting it to jump over and kick me out of cover but instead yanked me across the cover, pulled out a giant knife and disemboweled me and then slit my throat. Or did leap over and kicked me out of cover, but followed that up with a knife to the gut and throat to kill me.

I did start Gears 5 and yes, looks jaw dropping on XSX.