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eva01beserk said:
sales2099 said:

I agree, launch demand settles down and that’s when the 2021 lineup kicks in. I am confident it’s better then many assume. 

Pc and console gamers are not the same. Yes there is an unknown overlap percentage but many are either one or the other. Console casuals also gaming on PC seems silly to me, as does people being fine playing high graphics games on bare minimum settings. There’s a big variety in tastes and demographics. I can see Series S appealing to kids (and parents on a budget) for example. 

Otherwise you pretty much nailed MSs philosophy. If people gonna be gaming on PC and laptops no matter what, better off bringing Xbox to them. 

Many assume? Nobody is asuming anything, its what MS has told us. Can they surprise us in a future event? Of course they can, any company can release a bombshell at any given moment. But looking at the history of xbox, its more likely that sony releases another bombshell on this packed year than it is for MS to release one on the baren year. 

Im not saying pc and console gamers are the same. You are trying to turn it into that. Im clerly saying that everyone has and or needs some type of PC for either work, school or any other need and once entry level products reach the capacity of the series s, there is no way anybody is gona choose to also buy a series s.

Nope. thats you flip floping. The argument was if the series s was gona be the run away succes MS are making it out to be. and you belived it. Now your trying to say that even if your prediction fails you win either way. 

Well if you want something more grounded in fact, let’s take into account Bethesda skipped any summer showcase event and has stayed largely quiet for 2020. They are highly likely to spill details of multiple games once the acquisition goes through. That’s gonna be much bigger then any 1 game announcement Sony can surprise us with. Also it’s been 3 years since Forza Horizon made a sequel in a IP that takes 2 years to make one. Just another example that there’s plenty to be announced, arguably more so on team Xbox. 

Ok so PC gamers play Xbox games on PC. Fantastic. Still plenty of demographics that the Series S would appeal to.
Yes, I (narrative wise) and Xbox wins either way with PC expansion. That’s kinda their plan this gen. But god knows plenty of console only gamers are going to buy Series S, whether it be kids or console gamers of other brands buying one as a cheap secondary console. Just a couple examples. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.