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LudicrousSpeed said:

1)Completed Gears 3 and the Aftermath DLC in Judgement.

2)Gears 3 was pretty good. I guess this series relies more heavily on fans finding lore outside of the video games, there is a lot in the mainline games that is never explained very well but are apparently explained in the books and comics.

3)Like the Queen for example. Who is she? Is she human? I even watched a video supposedly explaining her and even that person wasn't sure. I know Reyna from Tactics becomes the next Queen, I guess that happens in Gears 4?

4)I also didn't understand the lambent human part. These are supposed to be small patches of human survivors barely surviving and yet each location seems to have a hundred people turned into lambent. But that's a small gripe I guess.

My favorite part of Gears 3 had to be Ice T as Aaron Griffin, when he calls Marcus a bitch and then slowly rides away in a trolley cart holding up a middle finger LOL.

I started Gears 4. Apparently I had already played up to chapter four in the first act, but I went ahead and started over. What a beginning! Three straight levels where you get to just annihilate people with turrets and shit. 5)And you get to see Dom and Kim. I'm now just starting where you control JD, I remember you infiltrate some city and fight robots.

1) What about Raam's shadow dlc that one was great aswell.

2) Yeah and the comics are good/great while the books by Karen Traviss are amazingly good.

3) Continue with the franchises you will learn more :)

4) Well the stranded are everywhere, like the trashball Cole settlement had hundreds of people. 

5) Also from the Lore, it isn't Dom but his brother Carlos

And yeah Gears 4 is rather short, from the mainline it is my less favourite one.