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Azzanation said:
hinch said:

Pretty good picks. RDR 2 is deserves the title.

Not sure about CS winning labour of love. Making the game F2P ruined the game all while cashing in on MTX; skins, season passes all while not doing anything with the broken anti-cheat system (VAC) with cheaters running in most games.

I would have said the same for the "Sit back and Relax" award, should have went to Flight Simulator instead of The Sims 4. However since this is a community voting system, you can bet The Sims 4 would have a much larger audience.

Yeah the Sims 4 winning that category is a bit weird. Sim games are generally the opposite of sit back and relax lol. But yeah Sims 4 has a huge following so thats probably why it won. FS is much more niche and a lot harder to get into.

Idd, community votes and all that :)

Last edited by hinch - on 05 January 2021