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Ka-pi96 said:

Red Dead wasn't even a 2020 game. Shouldn't have won!

How is Death Stranding though? Won an award for it's gameplay, but all the pictures/videos of seen just make it look boring. Is it actually ok and worth playing?

Definetly not for everyone but I found it immersive, unique and addictive. In fact I've played for about 90h (my 3rd game for hours played this gen, after BOTW and Rocket League).

Although it was a bold move to give it so much weight in the overall gameplay experience I think its "walking machanincs" are definetly something every open world game could take a note from. It's the only game that manages to make interesting a "boring" task (carrying an item from point A to point B).

Also, I have appreciated how they implemented stamina and fatigue.....In fact I would like a similar system to be implemented in an ARPG title like Dark Souls (for example).

Lastly, the way you can build infrastructure to facilitate traversals gives it a sense of great (but slow) progression.