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I agree with people who said there some some wacky questions in there! Here's my result, not very surprising: 

Radio stations should be required to present balanced news coverage - While I don't agree with requiring them to present a balanced view-point, I do agree they should be required to not promote outright lies.

Racial issues will never be resolved. It is human nature to prefer one's own race. - That statement is really fucked up. There's a different between preferring your own race and treating other races like shit.

It does not make sense to understand the motivations of terrorists because they are self-evidently evil. - I don't know who would agree with this?  

It is wrong to question a leader in wartime. - Who agrees with this? Putin maybe.

It makes sense and is fair that some people make much more money than others. - This one is framed weirdly. Depending on how you look at it, my answer changes. I mean I absolutely agree that doctors, surgeons should make a lot more money than I do. I don't agree someone should made obscene amounts of money like Bezos.

If an unwed teen becomes pregnant, abortion may be a responsible choice. - That's a weird one, it tries to make a scenario for "acceptable" abortion but when you believe women should be able to choose no matter the circumstances, it's a strange one to answer.

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