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PortisheadBiscuit said:
DonFerrari said:

Sure you can. But since rumor had 0 proof of what they were claiming don't know why you would take that as true in the first place.

There's a fly in the ointment somewhere, stock levels don't seem to be anywhere near what they promised. Let's see if they actually get to 10 million shipped by March.

Have you seem any direct promise by Sony on stock levels? I haven't seem any. All I saw was Sony saying they expect to have more shipped than PS4 on first fiscal year (until march). Everything else have been rumors.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
DonFerrari said:

Are you aware PS5 is launching with a much stronger library and exclusives than PS4?

1. The two of us have a different definition of "exclusive".  In my mind only Bugsnax is a PS5 exclusive.  However, Demon's Souls is probably the main game driving hardware sales right now since a lot of people didn't play it the first time around.

2. PS4 didn't have decent competition.  It competed with the Wii U and XB1.  PS5 is competing with the Switch and Series X.  Big difference.

1. And what strong day launch PS4 exclusives would you list?

2. Nope PS5 isn't competing with Switch as Switch also wasn't competing with PS4. And Series we still need to see if it will be a strong competition. For launch though it did similar to X1, and PS5 probably similar to PS4. First calendar year will still be mostly supply constrained and so the scenario shouldn't differ that much than PS4 vs X1.

VideoGameAccountant said:
DonFerrari said:

And you were basically claiming that if not by scalpers PS5 wouldn't be sold out. Do you think PS5 will be anywhere near the performance of WiiU?

I never said that. What I said was

I think right now scalpers are fudging interest by taking up a lot of the supply. 

This was all I said on the subject before we started this conversation. Keep in mind, I'm saying this because what I'm saying is that the performance of the system isn't going to match what's happening right now for a myriad of other factors. Would it have still sold out if there weren't a ton of scalpers? Who knows. We have no way of telling at this moment. 

The Wii U comment is a strawman. I pointed out the Wii U as an example that, hey, consoles do well at launch. I'm obviously not saying that when my bet is a minimum of 10 million next year. What I am saying is it will be less than the PS4.

archbrix said:

Although I generally agree with you about launches, using the WiiU as an example actually works against your point:  It shipped 3 million in its first quarter but it only sold through about 2 million of those units during that time (EDIT: actually 2.5m if you count its first 3 months), but by the end of December it was clear to retailers that WiiU was not going to hold any kind of launch momentum and it took Nintendo months to sell through the rest of that initial shipment.  Certainly nothing like the current demand for the PS5.

Considering that was one of the Wii U's best quarters, I think the point still holds true. It sold less than following fiscal year than it did in this one quarter. So here, the launch period was far better than the rest of the console's life. The Wii U is one of the worst selling home consoles so it's never going to compare to 1:1 with either Gen 9 console. I guess what I'm getting at is, early on, your sales are going to be good because you are getting the folks most dedicated to your platform.

EDIT:Sales are from Nintendo's Earning Releases by the by. Just thought I should clarify.

Define the "a lot", how much have scalpers sold and how much would PS5 have sold without scalpers? Because making empty claims just to reduce PS5 sales doesn't really do anything.

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