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shikamaru317 said:
Pemalite said:

I think being both LGBTQI and a Firefighter has given me a very high degree of empathy towards social issues and the value of life.

And border issues... Well. I am Australian.
We have an Ocean as a natural border and most Australians align themselves as conservative on border issues due to the death rate of illegal immigrants trying to cross an entire ocean in non-sea worthy vessels. (And then having myself being sent to rescue them doesn't help my own views on the matter.)

Centrist is the best place to be I think, I really do try and sit there, but can't on a few key issues due to the impacts it can have on life.

But nice to know that there are other like-minded individuals!

As far as social issues go, I'm mainly a conservative there because I am strongly against abortion. LGBT issues wise, I'd say I'm fairly neutral, I'm ok with LGBT marriage and think that attacks on LGBT people are not ok, but I'm also not fan of how some of the LGBT community here in the US at least want to be able to force conservative churches to allow their weddings there, or force conservative owned cake shops to make their wedding cakes for instance (which was a big supreme court case several years back), when there are plenty of trans friendly businesses and churches they can go to instead. Also not a big fan of allowing trans women to compete against biological women in sports, trans women simply have an easier time packing on muscle which gives them an unfair advantage over biological women in most sports. 

Should a bakery be allowed to not make a wedding cake for a interracial couple, or should the couple just go to an interracial friendly business instead? Can a business who does not like Koreans choose not to serve anyone from Korea?