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Im just gonna make a small little prediction for the next few years on Switch Sales

2021: 22 - 24 Million  

2022: 16 - 21 Million

2023: 11 - 16 Million

2024: 7 - 10 Million

2025: Likely New Console But Switch would still get a few million 3 - 7 Million

Total I think the switch could sell

Lowest: 115 Million (This is unlikely because 2021 will have some amazing games that'll probably push the sales to 95 - 100 million so an extra 15 million will be so easy to get that this number is almost impossible)

Likely Amount: 125 - 135 Million

Highest: 140 Million or more (this is almost impossible unless the switch can somehow release Outstanding Games or switch pro (kinda like the wii and the wii u) except the switch pro actually has a good reason to be purchased