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Darwinianevolution said:
y-koron said:

No, big releases aren't planned this year for PS4, too. And not a big surprise that PS5 suffers lack of software. SIE doesn't have enough development capacity and franchises that can support the launch of their hardware.

That's the thing, though. You'd think having a very light lineup with barely any 1st party would have made people mad, but I don't stop hearing about how great the PS5 launch was, and it's puzzling. The XBOne X seems to have the same problem as well, and likewise I keep hearing about how great its launch was. What was different between the PS4/XBOne launch and this ones?

First, in Japan, real demand of PS5 is still in the dark due to too many resellers include them for China. Especially, last ones makes us difficult to estimate the PS5's market size. Anyway, in Japan, it is said to be half serious that PS5 is sold by people not to play the game but only to resell.

Next, in Japan, it's said that MS isn't motivated for console at all. Basically situation of XBox One Series X is just worse than that of PS5's. In fact, I haven't never seen XBox series X was sold even in Christmas and New year markets.

Last edited by y-koron - on 04 January 2021

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