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RolStoppable said:
B6a6es said:

Pardon me but this is a Misleading thread

Switch is both a handheld & console, and its a true successor to the 3DS

So going by your metric, last gen should be 37.86 Million counting the 3DS &Wii U (not counting the Vita)

Also you didn’t differentiate between Switch and Switch lite despite the Lite being 100% Handheld

What's so hard to understand about home console market? The 3DS wasn't a home console, by the way.

Simple, the Switch is Unique gaming machine thats BOTH a handheld & a home console Hybrid, which helped its success in the Handheld/Mobile dominant Japanese market

Imo calling Switch a traditional home console in the same sense as PS/Xbox is no different than calling PCs with Steam Big Picture a Home console, or better yet hooking your iPad to a tv !!