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HigHurtenflurst said:
SKMBlake said:

Not comparable

PS1, NES, Gameboy, DS.... The generation winner has generally been the "weaker" console, SNES/Megadrive were the only ones on par with each other (and they both beat down the more powerful competitors at the time)

That said I agree it's not really comparable as the X & S are two versions of the same console, the lower powered version is just a less attractive proposition even at $200 less

I do think the lack of disc-drive is a bigger issue though, even people who have switched to buying their games online like to have the option available... look at PS5 in Japan, the digital edition is only about 1/5th of total sales and I think the only difference with that version is the lack of disc-drive.

Microsoft have clearly overestimated the appeal of the S, just as Nintendo have with the Switch Lite (either that or they are trying to push those models for other reasons)

Yeah no, I'm not doing the "weaker takes it all" debate.

And yeah, MS clearly overestimate the appeal of the S

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