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New course uploaded and updated to Op.  Having reached the milestone of 1,000 total Likes received as a creator so close to Christmas Day, I decided to create a course in the theme of Christmas that would also double as a celebration of the achievement.  Nothing complicated here, but fair warning, if you wander into the toy line of Santa's Workshop, you will find yourself recruited as a permanent toy maker elf.  Each house contains a Christmas Card by the tree with Holiday wishes for 6 SMM2 players and creators that have supported my work, for a total of 24 in all.  Thanks for all of your comments and support in the game!

Merry Christmas 1K Likes Special

Course ID: V1G-LRR-6PG

Description:  Embrace the giving spirit of Christmas by delivering gifts to your fellow Super Mario Maker 2 players and creators.  Start off at the North Pole with a tour through Santa's Workshop.  Then, take off in Santa's Sleigh and fly over to a nearby village.  Enter the houses through the chimneys and fill the base of the Christmas tree's with gifts.  Pass by a snowball fight at the edge of town before hopping back in Santa's Sleigh for a return to the North Pole.  This course was also uploaded in celebration of reaching the milestone of 1,000 Likes as a creator.

Likes: 9

Played By: 28

Clears: 12

Attempts: 56

Clear Rate: 21.42%

First Clear:  Bradilaya

World Record: 1:05.066 (3 Amigos)

Uploaded: 12/18/2020