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I don't see any reason to think that demand is that enormous at this stage, it's impossible to know when a console is supply-constrained at the beginning of its cycle, excess demand can be huge or moderate or even small. We just don't know. What we do know is that the Switch is doing really well and the Xbox Series X seems just as sold out as the PS5 right now (but the Series S is available in most places I look). Competition is likely more fierce compared to the PS4's launch, and there won't be that crazy Corona boost from 2020 either. At its launch price and with a slim library, for now, I don't think over 18 million PS5's would fly off the shelves during 2021, and there's nothing decisive in the market suggesting so from where I'm sitting. But, hey, I could very well be wrong, won't be the first time.

Last edited by Mummelmann - on 29 December 2020