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SvennoJ said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Now this is when things get interesting

I particularly find just refunds too lenient, they need to be sued for false advertising

Something to really hurt them financially to a point they regret their decision of releasing this game for old gen consoles cause so far I only saw this whole circus as free marketing for them to sell more PC versions of Cyberpunk

Dunno if that last part is a good thing. There are now over 4,000 threads in technical discussions and plenty people complaining they can't get a refund from Steam. Everyone who got it for Christmas should be playing now, biggest gaming hours of the year (I can't stay connected to psn at all this afternoon) and there are just over 200K playing. Still the hottest thing I guess, and still a lot of people to disappoint.

PS4 version is at 53 critic, 3.4 user score
XBox version is at 61 critic, 4.7 user score
PC sits at 86 critic, 7.2 user score

Of course if you could filter the pre-launch reviews out, the picture would be quite different.

However there are still apparently millions that think this is the best thing ever made, which is plenty to keep the deception tactics going. These lawsuits will simply keep CDPR in the news and now they can play victim, egging their de-fanbase on.

That's why I think suing the studio is important

Dumb fanboys will defend it a plenty and keep this shit moves happening over and over 

But few consciouns consumers can demand very high indemnities, enough to make the company regret the expenses with so many lawsuits 

Or at least I hope so...