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Azzanation said:
Leynos said:

I'm glad this was canned in favor of Starfox 64. I don't think too highly of this game tbh. Feels like another Starfox game that misses the point of what I like about Starfox and tries to add some new gameplay element that ruins the pacing and slows the game down. I just want to fly and shoot. I don't want RTS elements in fucking Starfox. Also, the poodle is horrifying. Worse than crystal for Furry bait.

Lylat Wars was amazing, probably the best game in the series, however its a reboot of the first game so its expected. Its the direction Star Fox took after the N64 game. Star Fox Assault wasn't done very well and Star Fox Adventures.. is not a Star Fox game which to me was a massive let down. Star Fox Zero tried to bring back the original idea but failed with the controls. Star Fox 2 actually felt like the first game just with a RTS Map screen between missions with more variety but it was extremely short which would have been another key factor why the game was dropped.

Yeah Starfox 2 is the only game in the series that feels like a proper sequel to me. As for it being short, I doubt that was why it was dropped, it's not really any shorter than the first game, and it plays out differently each time so it's highly replayable.