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DS Software Sales in Famitsu Top 100:

  • DS 2004 - 893.913
  • DS 2005 - 8.790.117
  • DS 2006 - 29.506.358
  • DS 2007 - 27.093.419
  • DS 2008 - 17.248.480

Switch Software Sales in Famitsu Top 100:

  • Switch 2017 - 6.758.666
  • Switch 2018 - 12.720.950
  • Switch 2019 - 14.847.793

Famitsu 2020 Top 50:

NSW TOTAL: 17.245.204

In the Top 100 I anticipate that this year Switch will reach a total of about 22 million physical softwareAround 40% of sales will be concentrated in four main titles New Horizon, Ring Fit Adventure, Momotaro & Sword/Shield which combined will surpass 10 million

Next year will be the Peak Software year we've seen so far on the Switch, mainly due to the much higher profile third party support.

Monster Hunter Rise is shaping up like it might be new franchise record in Japan, while Ring Fit Adventure and New Horizon will seemingly continue to attract new people to the Switch and have very strong sales in 2021. Just those three titles have a chance to surpass 10 million software next year. Combine their impact with evergreens and the strongest 3rd party support we've seen on the Switch thus far & 2021 is shaping up to be able to challenge the 2006 DS Peak. 

Overall the DS was a monster but it still had competition, which the Switch will lack in 2021 allowing it to reach a state of domination in the Top 100 not enjoyed by Nintendo since 1994. This lack of competition will also play into hardware sales, which I anticipate to be higher in 2021.