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curl-6 said:

I also have the game on a working SNES cart, or at least my brother who I live with does, so I can play it anytime.

The version I have is from the leaked beta, which is different in a few ways; I think they removed the 64-esque lock-on laser from the SNES classic release didn't they? And Miyu/Faye no longer start with double blasters?

Anyway, I really like the game, I'd actually rank it among my top 10 SNES games. It's a great mix of realtime action and strategy, and it's fun and tactical balancing defending Corneria against dismantling the enemy forces and it has an awesome soundtrack much like the original game.

I am very surprised to find others who enjoyed this game. Too many focus on technical aspects of games that it ruins their experience. If a game dropped a couple frames, its in the deep fryer. 

For myself, i see past the technical issues and visuals of games. Golden Eye 64 was considered one of the best multiplayer experiences of its era, and it ran at a sluggish 9fps. Today's gamers wouldn't even consider it playable.. yet ask those who played it in its day and they would say the game was incredibly fun regardless. Star Fox 2 is a quality game bogged down by system limitations however the game is fun and offers everything you stated. I would have loved to see the series spin off into SF2's direction than the direction we ended up getting many years later.