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Star Fox 2, the game that could have been.

I did an entire play through of SF2 when it released on the Classic SNES in 2017. The game was colorful and held up well for a potential sequel to one of the best SNES games in Star Fox (Star Wing in other countries) The game pushed the SNES so far that Nintendo actually went on to cancel the game in 1995 due to its FPS issues etc. The game is quite good if you can stomach the 10 frames and its definitely not impossible to beat on its hardest settings. It offered arena style flying, RTS and even ground and transformation missions. Yes the Arwing can turn into a Ground Mech/Walker.

The charm of Star Fox is in Star Fox 2 and if this game released at a better state, this would have been a great addition to the Star Fox lore. Its a shame this game never saw the light of day.. until the Classic SNES which blew afew of our minds knowing that Nintendo would actually revisit this, even as a shabby port it was worth it.

I recently put together an actual playable Star Fox 2 SNES game for myself. Working SNES cartridge with actual game on cart, with Instruction Booklet and SNES Game box. Sits well in my collection right next to Star Wing (Star Fox 1) for the SNES library. Doing all this wasn't cheap.

For those who aren't sure why i did this, Star Fox 2 never officially released, it only just recently came out on the Classic SNES 24 years after Star Fox 1.

The game had potential to be amazing if the FPS was better, its a shame this wasn't addressed on the Classic SNES which would have been capable of running this game a lot better than the OG SNES.

Well worth a play for those Star Fox fans. Nintendo released Star Fox Command on the DS which is the spiritual successful to SF2 for those that enjoy the gameplay.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 26 December 2020