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Checking the hardware built in they talk about, at least the CPU is pretty clear: A 9th Gen NUC Extreme can pretty much only be an i9 9980HK. Not superb considering it's getting it's ass handed by Renoir in most benchmarks, but not shabby, either. The GPU is the big question, but considering the size, boasting of RTX capabilities and them using off-the-shelf graphics cards, it pretty much all points to a 2060 Super or a future GPU like a 3060 (the Ti version consumes too much and is too big). The other unknown is the RAM, but since this will most likely be pretty much a custom NUC, then that can also be upgraded along the way.

coolbeans said:

We need a naming convention for KFConsole fanboys pronto!






Edit: My suggestion for a Pack-in title: A new KFC-themed Moorhuhn

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 23 December 2020