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DonFerrari said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

The PS4 sold 14.6m in 2014. No way is the PS5 going to sell that much. I think it will be close to 10m. I voted 10-12.5m just because I think COVID is going to help it for the early part of next year. But with the high price and lack of new exclusives I just can't see it going above 12.5m.

Are you aware PS5 is launching with a much stronger library and exclusives than PS4?

1. The two of us have a different definition of "exclusive".  In my mind only Bugsnax is a PS5 exclusive.  However, Demon's Souls is probably the main game driving hardware sales right now since a lot of people didn't play it the first time around.

2. PS4 didn't have decent competition.  It competed with the Wii U and XB1.  PS5 is competing with the Switch and Series X.  Big difference.