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Trumpstyle said:

Doom 2016 is the obvious answer, I voted for that.

Doom Eternal is not designed for console at all, you're constantly forced to take your thumbs of the sticks in this game. I don't play with back buttons or use claw hand. The problem with doom eternal is the game devs wanted to add a lot of new stuff so we are forced to use chain saw often, flame thrower to give armor, dash and jump. All these abilities forces you to take your right thumb of the aim stick all the time. But it also issue with switching grenades and use sword, to use those abilities you need to take of your left thumb the movement stick, this not so often though.

I can't see how anyone voted for Doom Eternal because of these reasons.

I'm having fun with doom eternal though, have completed the game around 5 times on nightmare difficulty and aiming to beat it on ultra-nightmare, this ofc without claw hand or back buttons. But I'm getting old and only play around 30-60min a day.

Agreed with you: Doom Eternal needs a keyboard and mouse or gyro +motion controls, at the least. Doom Eternal is a game of precision and intense adaptation. My ultra nightmare run is a comedy, but I go through that. Great game and before the expansion, when I hate microwave, now because of the expansion, rocket+microwave+bomb is my favorite combo.