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This is a scam by Atari to get a quick buck from nostalgia lords who would eat this garbage up. Its sad that one of the bigger selling points they're trying to push with this console is that you could watch Netflix or YouTube on when literally EVERY TV HOUSEHOLD IN 2020 has access to Netflix or YouTube. People have smart TV, consoles, TV Sticks, ECT which could all do the things the Atari VCS could do with YT and Netflix at little to no cost. Why the fuck is Atari so excited about showing this off in 2020 like its 2008.... probably cause they got nothing else to show.

This thing is also a fucking potato in terms of horsepower. Yes power isn't everything to a console, but Atari has the nerve to price the VCS at 400$ and is less capable than a Nintendo Switch, keep in mind the SWITCH is 2 consoles in 1 and MORE powerful than this thing and its 300.
The PS5 is approximately 30 times more powerful than this thing and you could get it for the same price as the VCS.