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I love Doom 2016. Felt like a proper reboot. I feel Eternal tries too much and is mixed. Too much reliance on platforming and climbing. Levels are WAY TOO LONG. The game is WAY TOO LONG. It did not need the hub world. Eternal tries to be first-person DMC and that sounds cool but not sure it really works. 2016 took a simple approach and it worked so well. It created an atmosphere of dread but you still felt like a badass. Eternal I feel like the game forces you to play less how you want and more how it wants you to. Granted it does make you use more of your weapons but so many enemies are annoying and not fun to fight. Some enemies can no longer chainsaw like HellKnights. Why? Eternal is truly a gorgeous game from a technical and artistic point of view. I do like the recharging pip on the chainsaw. I like the shoulder-mounted weapon.  2016 felt like a challenge but I still felt like a badass. Eternal I feel like I am fighting underneath the whole time and I have no room to breathe in between battles. I don't feel like a badass I feel like a regular dude. I don't like the 3D Super Mario puzzle platforming in Doom. 2016 is a game where the environments felt natural. Eternal is the most video-gamey world. Doesn't fit from the previous game IMO. It has too much story for a Doom game and putting Doomguy too much as space Jesus. It's really stupid.

2016 knew less is more. A lot of what ID promised Doom would not became in Eternal. I don't hate Eternal as there is some to like but I feel like it's bloated and tried to do too much.

Last edited by Leynos - on 22 December 2020

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