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Allright, I'll start sending the names of your Tiny Tims but before that, I'd like to remind you of some basic things:

1) There's no need to hurry. While you'll get the name today and the Steam Winter Sale starts tomorrow, you can take a couple more days to find a better gift if you want.

2) You're not limited to Steam or GOG to get your gift(s). You can use key stores like Humble Bundle/Store, Fanatical, Green Man Gamning, etc. and then send the key(s) to your Tiny Tim via a message either from GOG/Steam or VGChartz.

3) If you go this route, want to be trully secret and trust me (you fools!), you can send me a message with the key(s) and I'll forward it to your Tiny Tims. Free of charge.

4) Remember that the minimum is 10 $/€, and that it can be done through one game or several (1 game of 10 $/€, or 2 games of 5 $/€, etc.)

5) Please, oh, please, leave a comment on this thread thanking your Secret Santa for the gift(s) you've gotten. Not only to show your good manners and how polite you are, but also to let me know that your Secret Santa has delivered and everything is fine.

6) And last, but not least, have fun!

Please excuse my bad English.

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