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LudicrousSpeed said:
EnricoPallazzo said:

Yes. I keep seeing advertisements to it on youtube, yesterday saw a bus in london totally in yellow advertising cyberpunk.

It will keep on selling because at the end of the day it runs fine in next gen systems, PC, Xone X and PsPro. At that is already a lot of people.

I still see commercials for it, too. Game stores still have it plastered everywhere. It's going to be a massive success for them.

And from what I've seen of the base console versions, it's completely playable. I think 99% of the outrage here is just Internet outrage culture at its finest. Look at that list someone posted last page of all the stuff "cut" from the game. Fucking yikes.

I do agree about the way the reviews were handled, but that's just one more reason no one should give a flying fuck about metascores or reviews in general. Every big game like this has all these rules and NDA's and shit, there's really no point in even reading the reviews.

I'm only 13 hours in the game, work and holidays have been cutting into my playing time, but the only bad thing I have had happen is still the hard frame drops to zero that happened three or four times in my first few hours and have not happened since. Other than that I have zero complaints about bugs. It's no worse than many other games available to play, Sony just took it off so that they wouldn't have to give out as many refunds.

You see, stuff like this is what keeps the 'conversation' going. I see it all over the place, then the next post comes with lists of stuff that is missing, unfinished, unpolished, next to all the bug reels and comparisons with other games. Only to generate more counter outrage posts.

Just accept it is not acceptable on base consoles, DF advises to avoid it. It's not just frame rate drops and crashes, streaming issues as well, all affecting the game play. Then there is the notion that it gets worse the further you get in the game, yet you call it completely playable based on 13 hours of playing on I assume not a base console.

Yes there is outrage culture. It started with the death threats against delays, then against anyone trying to cast doubt on whether the game would be finished or run well on base consoles, then rage against reviewers that dared score it lower than perfect, even sending epilepsy trigger videos to the reviewer that experienced an epileptic attack from the game.

Then the game launched and the other 'side' engaged. Neither 'side' will let it go, just egging each other one. Runs fine for me, but it's unfinished, you can't enjoy it. The story is great, but they promised an open world sandbox. (did they, I don't know) All on top of the undeniable shameful launch code on base consoles, after hiding any evidence of that version for as long as possible.

At this point it feels like CDPR fans are only making the situation worse. Defending the launch is futile at this point. Sure, there is a good game underneath, give it a chance to come out, literally.