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mZuzek said:

The game isn't in a perfect state, certainly not on consoles. It needs fixing, and it'll get fixing. It's common for open-world games, maybe not this common, but I've seen it before with games that were very warmly received (Skyrim or basically anything else Bethesda pulled out).

It getting removed by the PSN store, and all the statements made by CDPR, it's all in response to the massive outrage. The outrage happened because, well, it's 2020. How many stupid outrages have we seen at this point? It's just everyday on the internet nowadays. And unfortunately, what we have been seeing for a long time too, is that these outrages usually do have an effect. Companies are just too afraid of the bad PR that's so easy to spread nowadays.

I particularly hate how it's removal from the store is seen as a win by so many people. What, so taking away an option from the consumer is a good thing? There's gonna be loads of people who were gonna buy the game for christmas and now they can't. Maybe you can see that as a good thing in terms of punishing the game's developer, as it's a very financial punishment (they only care about finances anyway). But it's just not good for the consumer. Many people don't care about the bugs or performance issues on PS4 and just wanted to play it, now they can't.

I personally have a lot less empathy for the "average consumer" who buys a shitty product because they didn't know any better. Like, zero empathy. If you're putting your money on something, you better know about what you're buying.

It sucks it's your favorite game that broke the camel's back, but this shit storm has been a long time in the making. Just like you said, releasing broken/unfinished games has become the norm. People are fed up and hyper emotional from the crap we've been living through in the past year.

CDPR only threw gasoline on the fire with their ill stated apology. Things like, don't expect it to look like the high end PC version (doubt anyone expected that) and please give us a chance only made it worse. Then they said you can get a refund if you don't want to wait without informing any stores first. Sony got flooded with refund requests which is the reason why it was pulled from the store. Can't refund a working game, can't sell a broken one. MS can, but MS is always more flexible. Steam and EA store don't give a crap, no refunds. Brick and mortar stores are also completely inconsistent. You think that calms people down?

Then you have the die-hard defenders that jump on every complaint saying it runs fine for me, console trolls, console held the PC version back, old consoles can never run the game you should have known etc. This all adds more fuel to the fire, turning it from, the game sucks, move on, into fan bases going at it against each other. Console wars, console vs PC wars, PC elitists vs budget PC wars, Online store wars, GTA vs RPG lovers, it never ends.

CDPR created the perfect storm which blew their house of cards down. The most hotly anticipated, hyped up game in years. Most pre-ordered, desperately needed to get away from the world we're dealing with atm. Turns out to be based on lies, facilitated by glowing reviews from 'critics' and influencers all over. Bad timing when the whole world has reached the end of their patience.

As for you last paragraph, how exactly should the "average consumer" have known better when they literally have been told by pretty much everyone that the game is great and all issues will be fixed on release day. It's going to be a completely different game on release day.

Btw, you can still play it on PS4, it's called a physical edition.