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Anyone think that with half the budget (developing for PC only), quarter of the attention from gaming sites, less than half the hype, Cyberpunk would have had anywhere near the pre-orders for PC that it had now?

With half the budget, the scale and details would be halved as well, less hype again. Although it would probably be running a lot better with half the detail and less fancy rendering tech. TW2 scale. (which was also not optimized with some disappointing control issues)

What it looks like is that CDPR took the full budget and concentrated on the PC version only, trying to port it down to consoles at the very end to find out they couldn't complete it in time.

Only on next-gen was an option, but they would have had to postpone to 2022 to get enough of an install base to justify the cost. Which would have been the best solution anyway, considering how unfinished the game is. The game should have stayed in the oven until March 2022.