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DonFerrari said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

There was a PC gaming magazine that reviewed again some games after some time, to see if buggy ones bettered, if enhanced, expanded special and GOTY editions were considerably better and also if very good, and particularly very hyped at launch ones had stood the test of time. IIRC it was the glorious PCZone, very funny to read, but very serious in its job, only excellent games received more than 90% rating, and they had no problems rating very bad games less than 20% (that made the game also win the special "pants" award).

That is very commendable imho. But do you agree there are far to little games and reviewing outlets that would do it to make sense having another entry on a metacritic type of portal?

Agree, even if we found ten other paper or online magazines doing the same, they would still be too few fot that.

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