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Eagle367 said:

I was hoping for a 1.6mil week so it can reach 30mil by the end of the year. Now I think it's nearly impossible since it would need to sell 1.75mil every week until the end.

Hi @Eagle367, I always root for new records, so like you, I wanted the switch to reach 30 million. I am new in the chat, so I am a bit confused as to how you calculate that the switch could reach 30 million if it does 1.75 each remaining week.

1) I assume you are talking about calendar year (2020).

2) The Year to Date of the switch according to the homepage is: 23,445,249

3) I believe that week totals count towards the month that correspond to the last date of the week (saturday). So in this month, december will have 4 weeks. 

4) With this week, there are 3 weeks left. 

5) Based on this, the switch needs to sell 6,554,751 in order to reach 30 million, or 2,184,917 per remaining week.

Are my assumptions correct? If so, I think that 30 million is pretty much completely out of the question. Even if you are considering fiscal year, then it is also highly unlikely. 

The switch has been a great surprise since the beginning, so hopefully it has another trick up it's sleeve. Next year probably won't see the same boost this year had, but something tells me that nintendo held back a bit this year so that it could try to either match or surpass this year in 2021.