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src said:
Mnementh said:

What? You can't sell software because you have the *biggest* launch? Don't you want to rethink that?

Also we talk about Japan with Famitsu, and PS5 is hardly anywhere near a big launch in japan.

brute said:

Let me get this straight. PS5 has sold MORE than any other console in history at launch and due to it selling the most is the reason for low software? Flawless logic.

Shiken said:

You are reaching so far, you are contradicting yourself in the same post.

Also this is Japan we are talking about.  Sony gets less popular every generation over there, and the numbers prove it.  The market trends over there are just not in line with what Sony is trying to do.

You guys can't read.

Low software -> hardware is sold out -> hardware is sold out because high tech node (7nm) + PS5 being the biggest console launch worldwide

I never said Japan only. Japans stock is relative to how much stock there is globally and the fact you couldn't put 2 and 2 together is astonishing really.

Or, perhaps, English isn't your primary language and you need to work on your composition. :shrug:

The BuShA owns all!