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DonFerrari said:
Sogreblute said:

"More importantly, all Ubisoft+ games and DLC are available to play with no special gaming hardware and even without paying for a separate Stadia Pro subscription. There are still advantages to having both Stadia Pro and Ubisoft+, though, as you’ll be able to play the games in up to 4K with HDR."

No you just need Ubisoft+.

And you need stadia sub, you don't need Stadia Pro. And does your Xbox Game Ultimate give you a capped 1080p maximum for the games you play there up to 1h a session?

I don't stream my games, so I have no idea what the resolution is capped at. 

Also Stadia only has one subscription and that's Stadia Pro, which you do not need. All you need is a gmail account to access Stadia. You responded to me saying that you needed two subscriptions to use Ubisoft+ on Stadia when that was false. All you need is Ubisoft+ with a gmail account, then you have access to all Ubisoft games on PC and Stadia. Having an account and subscribing are two different things.