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Ashadelo said:

I dont have time to play xbox everyday, usually a few times a week, thats why I have not updated. Right now I am in the Queen Hive (Gears 2) and Marcus' dad mentioned something about sinking the main city to flood out the Locust.

So here's my questions
#1 Marcus' Dad, when did we find out who he was? I know we went to the Fenix estate in GoW1 but I dont remember finding out much about his father, unless I missed it.
#2 is his dad a war hero or something? I know at the end of GoW1 he is in the chopper, but that was the first time I think I saw him. GoW1 unless it blew over my head, had little story. I didn't even know what the mission objectives were half the time until after we completed them.
#3 So without ruining any of the story for me. What exactly is going on? I know im on a mission to kill the Queen and that the Locust have a faction split with internal warfare. I also know that Gears of War 2 is a world wide war were as Gears of War 1 it was more confined to a city???

1. They leave a lot vague about Marcus's dad in the first but by the end of the third, all will be revealed. Same for the reason why Marcus was in prison when the first game begins.

2. See answer #1

3. The first game was global but only told the story of a few participants in a larger war. Your whole mission was to get a device into the heart of the locust tunnels so that you could map them. Unfortunately, the tunnels were so immense and expansive, they barely accomplished anything. The Cog even destroyed their own cities (with the Hammer of Dawn) in an attempt to stop the Locusts. By the end of the second game, there's only one city left that is safe for humans...

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