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dx11332sega said:

Nintendo 3ds gets exclusive games from atlus like stella glow, etrian oddysey shin megami 5,

PS4 gets exclusives dengeki bunko, judgement , magical virtual on

I think it's time Microsoft gets exclusives too 

WHile both Nintendo and Sony dont pay anything for having Sega exclusives , How about Sega appoaches Microsoft the same way Platinum approached Microsoft in making scalebound ? Expet Sega finishes it andIt's developers don't make broken promise like Platinum , Microsoft pays large bag of cash for a Sega exclusive new IP either from Yakuza team or Atlus ? Those 2 don't fail on Metacritic sure thing to bring more love to Xbox and the reward can't be any greater than a big bag of cash in return unlike Shenmue 3 exclusivity but shenmue 4 can still continue being PS5 exclusive and shin megami and etrian odyssey still exclusive to nintendo , It would be like Xbox 360,Ps3,Wii days when each had their exclusive but noone payed? So why not an exclusive for Microsoft From say atlus make something similar to persona a new series and have it xbox and PC exclusive ? And Microsoft pays Sega more bags of cash Because it's the persona dev game but not Persona just a simila. Sega can make bank.

Microsoft is the one who mismanaged Scalebound. PG tries to reflect the blame and say everyone messed up but MS track record for that generation is clear. BTW Scalebound almost killed the studio. Nier saved it. MS also mismanaged Halo Infinite. Halo MCC. Halo Wars 2, Phantom Dust Remake(asking the studio more from that game than the budget would allow so MS canned it and killed the studio). Fable Legends(canned it and killed the studio) . Crackdown 3 and why so many projects on Xbox One got canceled or turned out mediocre to terrible.

Btw Xbox had an SMT exclusive game. It bombed hard. SEGA put exclusives on Xbox at one point. They bombed. The situation with Xbox in Japan has never changed. The era of SEGA in consoles is long gone and the people who want a SEGA system are in their 30s and 40s in small but vocal communities. I'm one but I know the reality of SEGA in consoles makes no sense. They dropped out 19 years ago. SEGA made consoles for 18 years. They have been out of consoles for 19 years.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!