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I dont have time to play xbox everyday, usually a few times a week, thats why I have not updated. Right now I am in the Queen Hive (Gears 2) and Marcus' dad mentioned something about sinking the main city to flood out the Locust.

So here's my questions
#1 Marcus' Dad, when did we find out who he was? I know we went to the Fenix estate in GoW1 but I dont remember finding out much about his father, unless I missed it.
#2 is his dad a war hero or something? I know at the end of GoW1 he is in the chopper, but that was the first time I think I saw him. GoW1 unless it blew over my head, had little story. I didn't even know what the mission objectives were half the time until after we completed them.
#3 So without ruining any of the story for me. What exactly is going on? I know im on a mission to kill the Queen and that the Locust have a faction split with internal warfare. I also know that Gears of War 2 is a world wide war were as Gears of War 1 it was more confined to a city???